Virtual Museum, powerpoint presentation help

You will create a Virtual American Women’s Rights Museum. For each of the three sections of the class, you will create a “floor” of your Virtual Museum and it will consist of four rooms and contain 16 artifacts. The first floor of your museum should cover relevant topics from the 1840s-1890. The second floor of your museum should cover topics from the 1890s-1940. The third floor of your museum should cover topics from 1940s-2000.

You will be using a template found on this web-site: (Links to an external site.). There are examples found on this website that you might find useful as you prepare your virtual museum. There is information on the website that is not relevant for our class, so all you want to find is the template that you will be using. Download that template and save it to your computer, or flash drive.

The template you will use is the four-room 16-artifact template. Essentially, you are using an elaborate power-point to create your museum.

You may organize your rooms by topic, theme, or decade. It is up to you to decide what you want to include in your museum.

All content must reflect people, places, events, and ideas related to the American 1840s-1890 for the first floor; the American 1890s-1940 for the second floor; and the American 1940s-2000 in your third floor.

You also have to tie in the artifacts with the novel The Rise of the New Woman: The Women’s Movement in America by Jean V Matthews

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