Were you able to identify a discrepancy?

You can access the ebook for this at: https://instructors.coursesmart.com/9780840034717/firstsection [email protected] Psychology Interviewing MAKE SURE TO COMPLETE THE CHARTS, INCLUDE THREE PEER REVIEWED ARTICLES IN THE RESEARCH AND APA FORMAT. Complete activites and reflective paper (paper should be longest part).
Choose a role-play scenario from Activity 7.1 in your text, asking a friend to play one of the “client roles” listed in that section. Conduct a mock interview on that topic, video or audio taping the interview.
Following the interview, recreate and complete the checklist in Table 7.2 and complete the questionnaire in Activity 7.2. Locate at least three research articles published in peer-reviewed journals on the topic of reflecting thoughts and feelings in interviews. Since this is a classic technique, you may include classic or recent research.
Prepare a reflection paper that discusses your own progress in the appropriate use of questions. Then, address the following points in your paper:• Did you remember to use attending skills before delving in any confrontation?• Were you able to identify a discrepancy? If so, which kind of discrepancy did you identify?• Did you find it easy or difficult to confront the client about any discrepancy you found?• What additional insights or questions arose from the research articles you read on confrontation and discrepancies?

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